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Our goal is to provide our clients with everything they need to reach their retirement and financial goals.


5 Things

Ronnie thompson

When it comes to the emotion, fear, and uncertainty of market volatility it can...

Counsciously Uncoupling

Ronnie thompson

You may remember the first time you heard the term "conscious uncoupling" when it...

How is TNA Different?

ronnie thompson

Each morning as I get ready for the workday, I ask myself one question, "how can I be...

The Power of "Passive Income"

Ronnie thompson

The definition of passive income is revenue that's generated in a way that doesn't...

Psychology of Retirement

Ronnie thompson

For a few years my family and I rented a small ranch in a community where I lived.

The Race for Retirement

ronnie thompson

There are very few things in life I dislike more than running. As a high school and college...

Risky Business

Ronnie thompson

Several years ago I sat in a conference room at a mutual fund company down south with...

Why The IRS is The Biggest Benefactor

Ronnie thompson

If there is anything I have learned working as a Financial and Retirement Planner it is that...

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